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We owe it to ourselves to identify our life stressors and to take steps to manage them! The free online Phoenix Plan can help you to do this…

The Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan is a free online self life coaching program which allows you to engage with life coaching on a DIY basis. It is totally free and does not require you to embrace or accept any particular beliefs or value systems. Success within the program is not defined in any particular way other than that you manage to achieve the goals which are chosen by you as important for your lifestyle improvement. You are not required to register to use the program and personal details or email addresses are never sought.

The Phoenix Plan provides a detailed step by step program by means of which you evaluate your present lifestyle, establish what it is you want to make different in your life, work out the goals necessary to get you there, break down these goals into appropriate targets and work to bring about the desired change within a suitable and defined time frame. Chosen goals are expected to be highly specific, achievable and measurable. The Plan requires you to maintain documentation of your intentions and progress throughout the period of this self development project.

The default timeframe for the Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan is ten weeks. It is recommended that two weeks are taken to work out and set up the goal and target schedules and the remaining eight weeks to work to bring about the desired life change. However, this time frame can be modified to suit personal circumstances. The theoretical basis of the Phoenix Plan is rational-emotive cognitive therapy. The Plan is relatively free of complicated psychological terms and the self coaching program can be easily worked through by any adults with the desire and determination to improve the quality of their existing lifestyles.

The full Phoenix Self-help Life Plan is set out on a separate web site, located at www.replanyourlife.co.uk. This provides a detailed exposition of this self coaching program and requires careful reading before committing oneself to work through it. It is suggested that before going to scrutinise the above web site you download the free e-book Free Life Coaching... which gives a summary of the approach employed in the full Phoenix Plan. The e-book allows you to make a trial workout of the Plan based on a four week time frame. To obtain the free ebook click on the link provided below.

By working through the Phoenix Self-Help Plan you have a method for coming to terms with, and managing, the stresses which might be disrupting the quality of your life right now. Take the courageous step and give this free DIY life coaching program a try....

To read more about and download the free ebook Free Life Coaching click HERE. To obtain the download, you will not be required to register your email or any personal details.

To go directly to the dedicated web site for the Phoenix Plan, click the link below:


The Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan was first published as a paperback and ebook in September 2010 under the title Change Your Life In Ten Weeks. A second  and expanded edition has been published [July 2014]. Both the paperback and ebook are currently available for purchase through Amazon, Lulu and other outlets at a modest cost.

However, it is NOT necessary to purchase the paperback or ebook in order to successfully work though the Phoenix Plan.

An ebook copy [PDF format] of the full Second Edition [2014] is now available as a free download.

For further details, see The Book page on this site

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If you decide that the Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan method is not for you, or you want to look for alternative ways to manage your stress, there is a large variety of commercial stress reduction programs available online, some at quite reasonable prices. CBmall in particular promotes a wide range of these with lots of explanatory detail for each program.

However, be careful and check out any program which you are tempted to purchase. Look for the details of what is being offered and assess whether or not the price asked for is reasonable. Suffice it to say that there are a few sellers out there you want to make a high profit at your expense! If there are reviews of the product, take note of what is reported by previous purchasers. Also, be aware that  as well as the Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan there are a few other free online programs to help you improve your life quality.  You are advised to research the Internet until you find one which appeals to you and suits your personal circumstances.

The Phoenix Plan

When you embark on a journey to an unfamiliar destination, you need a clear map and a detailed route ..

When you strive to better your lifestyle you need a sound plan and clear goals to get you there…

Maybe the Phoenix Plan will meet your need today: to get you to where you want to be..

After all, what have you got to lose by trying it out?

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You DO have the right to live your life in a way that allows you to feel happy and to know where you are going. You have a right to be joyful, relaxed and to follow your dreams….

Are YOU enjoying this right now?

If not, positive change will only come about when you make a commitment of time and effort to remedy whatever is wrong

Any efforts you make can only result in an enhanced lifestyle.