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Are you working to achieve goals at the moment?

Have you really thought out where you want to be in life?

Are you prepared to set down your goals in writing and commit to them?

Do you share your goals with others?


Have you a clear sense of purpose in your life?

Are your spiritual beliefs and values really your own?

Are you’re a committed follower of a particular belief system or religion?

Do you believe in an afterlife?


Do you have any hobbies or recreational interests?

Do you spend adequate time or too much time at this/these interest(s)?

Do your hobbies etc help you to be a nicer person?

Do you need to take up a hobby?


Are you pursuing any studies pertinent to your career?

Do you read to gain new information valuable in your career or self-development?

Have you any ambitions in the field of learning?

Can you apply yourself profitably to studying?


Are you generally a happy and relaxed person?

Do you get uptight easily?

Do you have any problems behaviours?

Is stress a real problem for you?

Do you know what you want in life?


Do you get adequate sleep at night?

Are you often under energised and over-tired?

Are you always short of time?

Are you taking on too much in the way of tasks to be accomplished?

Continuation of Life Areas Table

When you look through the life areas table and consider some of the questions,  a few of them may have little relevance for your particular lifestyle. That’s fine - just disregard these. However, I believe that at least a number of questions will raise important issues for you. Take your time to think these issues through and see if you can come up with some related goals which - if achieved - would greatly enhance the quality of your daily living.

It would be a good idea to equip yourself with pen and paper and jot down your thoughts as you work through the questions.

Good luck - I hope this exercise will help you to take steps to improve the degree of life balance.

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Sometimes it is painful to have to admit to the shortcomings in the way we handle our lifestyles. Yet it is necessary to acknowledge such imperfections if we are to be able to formulate and set  appropriate goals for our future success.