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We owe it to ourselves to identify our life stressors and to take steps to manage them! The free online Phoenix Plan can help you to do this…


Do you live in a happy home environment?

Do you make time for family?

Do your spend adequate time with family members?

Do you do things together?

Do you sit down and talk to each other?


Are you happy in your work?

Are you coping well?

Have you a good career path?

Are you running your own business?

Have you retired?

Are you seeking a career?


Have you some close friends?

Do you make time for them?

Do you socialise together?

Do you need to make new friends?

Are your friends good for you?


How are your family relationships?

Do you get on well with others at work and elsewhere?

Are you seeking a close relationship with a special person?

Are you open and honest with others?


Is there sufficient exercise in your lifestyle?

Do you try to exercise regularly?

Do you walk for pleasure?

Do you participate in sporting activities?


Do you follow a healthy diet?

Do you need to lose weight?

Do you have any body image problems?

Are you overeating or eating the wrong foods?


Do you relate to others in a friendly way?

Are you a good listener?

Do your emotions get in your way of interacting effectively with others?

Are you assertive?


Are you coping financially or living on the edge?

Have you constructed a realistic budget for your lifestyle?

Do you have significant debt problems?

Have you any spending addictions?

Life balance is about making time in your life for both essential and recreational activities. It is generally held that an individual who permits one kind of activity to dominate their lifestyle is more likely to suffer from  stress and personal frustration than someone who has a balanced range of life activities. Thus, a mother who spends most of her time caring for the family and household and does not permit herself to claim time for relaxation and her own interests may - in the longer run - end up feeling used and disadvantaged. Likewise, the parent who spends long hours and weekends on career work projects and doesn’t find time to be with the family can easily become uptight and unfulfilled. In both examples, communication and relationships with others are likely to be adversely effected.

In general, it seems a worthwhile goal to check out whether your present lifestyle has a desirable life balance. If you find it doesn’t, you probably need to do something about it. The Lifestyle Evaluation Questionnaire contained in the Phoenix Self-Help Plan will be of some assistance in determining whether this is so or not. The Questionnaire is used to help the participant work out the areas of life where change is needed or would be profitable. This makes it easier to work out the goals and targets employed in working through the Phoenix Plan.

To help you think carefully about life balance in your lifestyle, I have included a table which sets out a number of life areas, most of which are considered important for living a full and enjoyable life. No one can tell you precisely what balance there ought to be in your life - this has to be your decision. Each of the life areas set down has some general questions which might help you to establish whether or not there is a need for a redistribution of activities and time in order to arrive at a pattern of life balance which leaves you - and those close to you - satisfied.

Hopefully, this will assist you further in working out future goals and targets if you decide to proceed with the Phoenix Plan.

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