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We owe it to ourselves to identify our life stressors and to take steps to manage them! The free online Phoenix Plan can help you to do this…

If you really want to stress-manage-now, this free ebook is an excellent opportunity to get you started. It introduces the Phoenix Self-Help Plan on a practical basis and provides a basis for the important actions you need to take to turn your life around.

Features of the ebook are set out below.

To download the ebook Free Life Coaching [PDF format] go to the link at the bottom of this page. No registration is necessary.

Here are some features of the e-book:

..it sets out a guide and plan as to how you can get from HERE [where you are now] to THERE [where you want to be]

..it encourages you to spend some time
looking at your present lifestyle and working out exactly what is wrong with it

..it asks you to
visualise how you really would like your life to be

..you are asked to select the most important basic changes you want to see in your lifestyle

..the plan is initially based on a four week commitment to working for change

..the changes you select are stated as goals broken down into weekly targets

..you are asked to keep records of your selected goals and targets and to monitor your progress

..you are encouraged, if at all possible , to share your goals and progress with a friend or buddy.

Remember, this ebook is a cut-down version of the full Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan. It is provided so that you can try out the methods of the Plan over a shorter duration. The full Plan is spread over ten weeks instead of the four week schedule set out in the ebook. I suggest that you follow the ebook version first before committing yourself to the full Plan. By doing this, you will be better able to make any modifications to the full Plan schedules which might make it more suitable for your particular lifestyle and chosen goals.

Free Ebook

The free ebook available on this page gives you a chance to try out the Phoenix Plan within a four week time-frame.

If it appeals and works for you, you can later make plans to work through the full Plan program over eight to ten weeks.

Remember, everything is totally free and your confidentiality is assured.

Later, you can download the free 200 page book Change Your Life In Ten Weeks

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If you have lost your sense of direction in life and you are feeling confused and uncertain about the future, the Phoenix Self Help Life Plan is just the tool you need to help you get stabilised.

You will be given step by step help to evaluate your present distressed lifestyle, to work out the goals that are meaningful for your self-improvement and to construct a new and better way of living.

The full Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan  is detailed at its dedicated site www.replanyourlife.co.uk and is entirely free for you to follow. You are NOT required to register or to provide any personal details or email. To visit the site, click HERE

To download the ebook Free Life Coaching  [described above] click on the link below: